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CTC (Si-ti-si=nutrition), from its very first to this very day, has always been about the “experience”. An experience that we so gladly share with all of you, our beloved guests, in our brand-new home. Our amazingly elegant new space, with its magically verdant garden, awaits to constitute the perfect setting for you to indulge in the unravelling of our personal gastro-story, narrated of course through the eye-catching dishes of our award-winning chef, Alexandros Tsiotinis, and his top-notch team.

Our new restaurant has been designed to capture all your senses, in order for you to enjoy the journey we are about to set off on together to the fullest. So, we invite you to surrender yourself to our hands and allow us to introduce you to the history, the culture and the traditions of the lavish Greek cuisine translated into the most creative and sophisticated culinary language.

We are very proud of our many awards and distinctions (4 Toques d’Or and Michelin Star, just to mention a few), and we are looking forward to expanding our collection, but what matters the most to us, is that every single one of our discerning guests walks out our solid iron door feeling that this was a night well-spent.